Friends are a big part of JM&Sons lifestyle, so when we met our buddy Jesse Cruickshank, Mackenzie packed his camera and jumped on the next flight to California.

    Then they spent the day fooling around, so she got stuck with him anyway.

    Jesse has been living in Los Angeles for some time now, doing eTalk and shooting a series that will be released later this year. But despite the fact that she was transferred to Tinseltown, she has a northern identity, like a maple beaver. “Absolutely. I’m celebrating Canada Day with more energy than ever,” she says. “I go to every Canucks game in Los Angeles or Anaheim, and 95 percent of my friends here are Canadians.

    She was actually born in A&W in Calgary (“It’s a fact. Stylish, stylish fact”), but grew up in Vancouver. The school took her to the UK, then took her to work in Toronto before she made the jump to La La Land. “It is really racist, but there is nothing I can do about it! I feel here a connection with the Canadians. We are all warm and supportive of each other and we are not on a juicer.

    That’s for sure. Instead, she adds to her reception a stash of unique Canadian dishes such as Coffee Crisp, ketchup chips and Canadian Twizzlers. “When she exhales, I’ll call my mom immediately to get the package.


    As for the other Canadians she talks about, “there’s a stereotype that we all know each other, and…. that’s absolutely true”! Raised in Vancouver, I went to school with Seth Rogen, was in a comedy troupe with Nathan Fielder, played soccer with Kobe Smulders…. we are all connected in some charming Canadian way.

    This may help explain why the owner of “Smart Man Canada” caught only traces of the California plug. “I wish that one day Madonna eggs would appear with a British accent. Unfortunately, I do not do it. But the producers of my first show here in Los Angeles made me learn to say ‘abaaawt’ instead of ‘abouuut,’ and it seems to be stuck.

    As JM&Sons Ambassador to the City of Angels and proud new owner of a coffee kiosk (lovingly built by hand), Jesse proudly declares his attachment to roasted caffeine. “It is disgusting. I spend too much money on beans and too much time on making a morning cup, but it costs every sip”. I can’t wait to start a love affair with my new coffee stand “JM&Sons Pour-Over Coffee Stand”!